Best Lauderhill Pest Control prides itself in having some of the best pest control experts. Recently, we’ve seen a large increase in the number of bed bug problems in the Lauderhill, FL area. We aren’t exactly sure why the surge suddenly occurred, but it’s likely caused by more and more people buying used furniture from Craigslist and accidentally bringing it home.

Bed bug bite

What Is Bed Bug?

We think we can all agree that bed bugs are absolutely disgusting and nobody wants them. Bed bugs will make their presence known in a way that makes it impossible to ignore them, like when they feed on humans while they’re sleeping. This kind of pest uses a piece of their mouth, called a stylet, to pierce the skin of humans. It sounds disgusting, but they will use this stylet to saw through the tissue to find blood vessels. Bed bugs typically feed on a human for five minutes before returning to its hiding spot. While it’s feeding, it will inject its saliva into the human, which causes swelling and itching.

It’s often difficult to detect bed bugs. Not only are they nocturnal, but they’re also small and very adept as hiding in small areas. You will know if you have been infested either from the bite marks and swelling, or from your bedsheets. A telltale sign that you have bed bugs is if you notice blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, if this is visible you should call us immediately. While dealing with a bed bug infestation it is best to try not to sleep in the home if you can.


Sign Of Infestation

For our experts here in Best Lauderhill Pest Control, locating and identifying bugs are easy for they are trained and very experienced. Bed bugs typically hide in tiny cracks and crevices. Before dawn, they crawl onto their host and feed on them for a few hours.

To avoid infestation and problems, we provide a list of signs to help you identify this bug.

Infestation signs:

  • Small dark stains on mattress
  • Unpleasant scent
  • Shed skins
  • Blood spots on sheets


Call Now!

Most people don’t discover that they have got bed bugs by finding the actual pest themselves. They are very good at keeping hidden from people. Usually, this pest hides in the seams of mattresses or cracks in the bed frame or posts. If you notice fecal spots on your sheets then you likely have an infestation.

You should call our experts at (954) 790-6460 if you suspect that you have a bed bug problem. You shouldn’t be sleeping in your house until they are completely removed to protect yourself and family from infections. Our experts attend industry conferences and seminars each year and stay current on the latest trends and techniques for keeping your family safe! Call Best Lauderhill Pest Control today to schedule your appointment.